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On Domesticity + Post-Colonial Imaginaries

Yasmine Katkhuda
ARCH 4515/16: Undergraduate Thesis
Virginia Tech
Recipient, Award of Excellence

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Spectators to their disappearance and destruction, three dislocated spaces of dwelling begin to re-emerge as apertures to subversive futures. Through collage complemented by narrative, multiple potentialities within this imagined junkspace unfold.

The process of making collage is dominated by dualities actively blurring, romanticizing, and questioning this discourse. Both mediative and reflective, the intentional or not, choice of material included or excluded through this medium, allows for a degree of subjectivity and ambiguity to surface regardless of graphic clarity. The space of dwelling and subsequent waste become the byproducts of collectivity, displaying collected artefacts (of memory and material) and curating possessions.

A series of seemingly disparate scenes begin to depict inherent dichotomies of home from the outside looking in-between and not yet inside, or from the inside looking beyond and never within. Existing in the space between memory and material, this thesis is a non-hierarchical, anti-formal experimentation on scenes of the ordinary as conceptual linkages between the imagined or possible, and the real or existing.

- Yasmine Katkhuda

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