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Scottsdale Museum of
Contemporary Arts, Scottsdale, AZ (1998)
Aki Ishida as Project Designer/Manager at James Carpenter Design Associates

Glass Scrim Wall is a freestanding exterior wall that encloses an outdoor sculpture garden at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. The office of William P. Bruder converted an existing movie theater into a gallery, and James Carpenter Design Associates designed the scrim wall as a physical and visual barrier between the new outdoor sculpture garden and the street. Fifty-six laminated translucent glass panels, each approximately 4’ x 7’, are hung from a curving steel structure 21’ high and 65’ long. Between each bay of panels is a row of laminated dichroic glass blades which cast varying shades of color onto the panels. CNC-milled fittings were designed by JCDA and fabricated by TriPyramid Structures.

Photography: Brian Gulick and Tim Hursley

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