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ARCH 2016: 2nd year BArch studio at Virginia Tech
2.5-week project
Spring 2013 to 2014

The prompt is to design a house for a family of four whose work is to care for other people’s land for living. In spring, summer and fall, they provide lawncare and landscaping services. During the snow season, they provide snow and ice removal service and will occasionally cut down trees. Their house is designed to be a place for living and working specifically to meet their professional needs. The profession of ‘Landcaring’ is open for interpretation.

The objectives are to conduct an in-depth program and site analyses through diagrams, models, and drawings; gain an experience designing a building with greater complexity in the number of rooms and performance requirements at different times of the day and seasons; develop design strategies that respond to the specificities of the occupants and site constraints; and develop an understanding of the dynamics of bodies in relation to space.

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