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Microclimatic Landscapes

The Sheppard East Light Rail Transit (LRT) line is part of Toronto's multi-billion dollar investment on public transport system that calls for growth less dependent upon the automobile. Middle City Passages competition challenged architects to design interactions between the rapid transit systems and local access routes; incorporate passages as integral components of the railway line and stations; and help to bring urban quality to suburban areas.

Toronto has an average winter temperature of around 2° C, with an average of 18cm of snow on the ground and less than 3 hours of sun per day in November, December and February. Imagine instead that each day's microclimatic commute is respite from the Toronto macroclimate.

Microclimatic Landscapes recognizes and enhances the best climatic characteristics of the Agincourt and Palmdale neighbourhood. Recognition comes as community cyclists, walkers and backyard spectators gather information on local wind turbulences; shady corners and anomalous temperatures; and favourite places.


Spring in winter. Refracting mist in summer. The best iced sidewalk ever. A series of passively and actively engineered microclimates threaded along paths and concentrated in islands. Light, temperature, wind and space construct tiny anthropogenic seasonal bus oases.

Team: Krista Eichenbaum, Aki Ishida, Lynnette Widder, and Evita Yumul

Toronto Middle City Passages Competition Entry (2015)
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