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ARCH 2015: 2nd year BArch studio at Virginia Tech
4-week project
Spring 2013 to 2015

A person with an extensive collection of maps has decided to build a small institutional building dedicated to archiving and showing of their map collection. The building will allow the maps to be accessed by the public for viewing and to scholars for research purposes. The original maps as well as the digitized copies are available for use in this building. Due to the physically sensitive nature of the maps, sunlight must be controlled while giving the archivists and the visitors connection the outside world. As the first project in 2nd year studio on an urban site, the students were asked to examine how the building meets adjacent buildings and the street. What activities do you imagine taking place in this building/site, and what spaces are needed in order to make a collection of maps accessible to the public and scholars? What aspects of a space might encourage someone to sit and view maps for a few hours or for days? How can maps be displayed for viewing?

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