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The Project Making the Giraffe Path created workshop events and artifacts for the not-for-profit CLIMB (City Life is for Moving Bodies) to explore, record, and enhance the relationship between five parks along Northern Manhattan’s major escarpment and the communities along their edges. CLIMB is a community-based initiative founded by public health advocates on the belief that safe parks are mirrors of community health. Our work provided design strategies to let their cohort speak their minds, and to create new associations. We delivered to them a “play book”/ resource binder that visually documents the data we collected and provides new working strategies for CLIMB’s future path-making.


The project received Professional Runner-Up in the Strategy & Research category for the Core77 Design Awards 2014 program.

Design Team: Aki Ishida and Lynnette Widder, AILw, with Carolina Cohen Freue and Adrienne Milner; and Kaja Kuhl, youarethecity with Dan Dobson, Sagi Golan, Vanessa Espaillat, and Kevin Lê

Playbook binder design: Catherine Cieslewicz

for CLIMB (City Life is for Moving Bodies) through desigNYC
New York, NY (2014)
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