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Traversing Wonderland

Lucie Rigaldies
ARCH 4515/16: Undergraduate Thesis
Virginia Tech
Recipient, Highly Commended Thesis

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

This thesis explores the circulation of digital media as a condition that is rapidly changing the way we perceive people, cultures, and environments. As the accessibility and combinations of images are increasingly integrated into the built environment, we may find ourselves lost in the flux of virtual platforms. As Toyo Ito writes in Tarzans in the Media Forest, we are now designing for two types of bodies; “The real body which is linked with the real world by means of fluids running inside, and the virtual body linked with the world by the flow of electrons.” While we enter transient, digital space we live in fixed, architectural space. While we pursue fictional realities, our bodies reside in the real world. While we swim in a sea of technology, we search for nature in our cities.

- Lucie Rigaldies


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